Bridging digital storytelling and business modelling
for developing entrepreneurship training for adults from rural and isolated areas
Want to be more efficient in running your small business? Check out the LiveCanvas learning space below!
About LiveCanvas
The LiveCanvas project has been granted by the European Commission, with the support of Erasmus+ Programme. It lasts for 25 months, from the 1st of September 2016 until 30th of September 2018.

The LiveCanvas project develops learning content and digital tools, to foster acquisition of entrepreneurial skills of geographically disadvantaged adults by bridging digital storytelling and business modeling.

The core target groups and beneficiaries of LiveCanvas are:
• Entrepreneurs in rural areas who run family owned, micro, lifestyle businesses
• Start-ups
• Unemployed adults, located in remote rural areas who plan to run own business
• Adult education providers with high exploitation potential of the project outputs
The LiveCanvas projects’ main objective is to develop key entrepreneurial competences of entrepreneurs, start-ups and unemployed adults from rural, disadvantaged areas.

This will be achieved through:
  • training material development
  • rural entrepreneurs' business model exploration
  • planning and testing a training program for innovative business and transversal skills for sustainable enterprises
  • practical and hands-on training methods and materials development
  • online learning space development for entrepreneurs, start-ups and unemployed adults from rural areas
  • innovative entrepreneurial skills training integration into European curricula
  • Exploring Business Models of Rural Entrepreneurial practices in Europe and using them as training tool
  • Planning and testing a training program for innovative business and transversal skills for sustainable enterprises, based on needs identified
  • Developing practical and hands-on training methods and materials to ensure rapid acquisition and long-term retention of core skills for developing new products and services, innovation practices and modern entrepreneurial techniques
  • Developing and supporting an online learning space for open and innovative learning providing high quality learning environment for entrepreneurs, start-ups and unemployed adults in rural and isolated areas, and thus promoting and supporting equality and inclusion in the learning process. In order to best serve the project target group and other stakeholders, a recommendation paper will be developed which will contain the feedback of the pilot sessions, adaptations, suggestions for practical use of the LiveCanvas learning results.
Project news
The projects' last newsletter has been issued right after the successful conference held in Sweden.
The final meeting and conference of the project are due to be held on the 25th and 26th of September, 2018 in Järvsö, Sweden.