Getting ready for the market
For each entrepreneur is vital to understand how to get ready for the market, what are the main areas one should be focusing on while setting up a business.
Hereinafter, you can find out in more detail, about three different topics that get the users through concepts such as “Key Partners”, “Key Activities” and “Key Resources” which are crucial for a potential young entrepreneur and/or family business in rural areas.


  • “Key Partners” - describes the relationships a small company can establish with other organizations or individuals to operate efficiently and effectively while reducing risks or costs. Key partners are the network of suppliers and partners who complement each other in helping the company to create its value proposition.
  • “Key Activities” - identifies the most important activities a small or new company must carry out to fulfill its business purpose and business strategy.
  • “Key Resources” - presents the types of resources fundamental for the success, accordingly to the diverse types of business models and it mentions the types of costs of running a business according to a particular business model.

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