Channel Phases
There are five phases through which a channel passes. A channel can be covering more than one of these phases at a time.

Phase 1: Awareness
How do we educate customers about the characteristics of our products and services? This is the marketing and advertising phase.
It is about how the company informs its customer about the value proposition.

Phase 2: Evaluation
How can we aid customers in evaluating our value proposition? This is the promotion or ‘Try me before you buy me’ phase. The customer will evaluate, read about or use the product and form an opinion about it.

Phase 3: Purchase
How can we help customers in buying their preferred product or service? This is the sale process and indicates money that is exchanged for specific goods and services.

Phase 4: Delivery
How do we deliver the promised value proposition to the customer?  This is the fulfillment stage and defines how the product will reach the customer.

Phase 5: After Sales
How can we provide after sales customer care and support? This stage provides a person for the customer to call when they have a problem or question about the product. The higher the value of the product, the more likely it is that customer will require after sales support.
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