Boosting sales (upselling)
Companies are constantly focused on increasing their sales and often use a strategy called upselling. It means to convince the customer to buy more of their company’s products. By using a combination of linguistics, packaging products and lowering their overall price and selling dependent products, companies ensure that a customer buys as much of their products as possible.

Companies often provide incentive programs that reward employees who manage to boost their sales through the technique of upselling.

Such incentive programs are kept strictly in secret because if a customer gets to know about them, it may break the relationship of trust between the customer and the company representative.

Techniques that successful up sellers often utilize:

  • Customize the offer to the taste of the customer, based on results from observations and researches aimed at definition of the customer profile, particularly focusing on their economic, demographic, preferences and social aspirations.
  • The use of fear. By letting the customer know that the product may go out of stock due to demand or getting them to buy after sales services or warranties for expensive items.
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