Creating a customer profile
The customer profile defines the customer segment more clearly for the company by understanding the customer’s jobs and evaluating the customer’s pains and gains.

source: © Entrepreneurial Insights based on the concept of Alex Osterwalder

Before creating a customer profile, you must understand the various archetypes customers typically fall into. These archetypes are as follows:
  • A Curator is someone who sifts through a lot of information and options available and funnels the relevant options to his or her audience.
  • A Broadcaster shares information of value to a huge audience.
  • A Tastemaker is someone with very specific tastes and is followed by an audience who have similar tastes and look to him for cues on what products to try and what services to adopt.
  • A Celebrity is someone with a dedicated fan following in whose eyes he/she can do no wrong. This is usually someone famous who’s every move is watched and whose purchase preferences are emulated by the audience.

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